•  Have you watched with shock as someone with less expertise than you has leap-frogged ahead of you?
  •  Do you wonder why others get the promotions when you’re working 10+ hour days and putting your hand up to lead projects?
From my own experience and the work I’ve done with many smart executive women like you, I’ve identified 5 reasons your hard work is killing your promotion prospects (and what to do instead). You’ll be amazed at what you learn when you download my checklist. In this checklist you’ll discover:
  •  How your amazing work is actually preventing you from stepping fully into leadership.
  •  Why your expertise is counting against you.
  •  Why pleasing people doesn't please people.
  •  The ONE thing that you can do differently that will give you the leading edge in leadership.
  •  Probably the WORST thing you’re doing that’s affecting your chances of moving on up.
Everything you’re doing to win the promotion is everything you SHOULDN'T be doing!
It’s completely counter-intuitive, and the problem is - no-one tells you!
To learn more, download my checklist!

I know the 5 reasons your hard work is killing your promotion prospects for two reasons:

  1. I’ve seen them consistently show up in the many incredible go-getter executive women I have coached already that are not seeing the results in their careers despite their hard work;
  2. I was THAT girl - working all the hours God sent to impress the decision-makers, to get the job done, until it literally began to make me sick.

For much of my 20-year international corporate career, it was sheer grit that got me on the leadership track. I worked ridiculous hours with high stress to get on the leadership track - and yet…

I didn’t have to make it so hard for myself!

It wasn’t until I stopped, breathed, and stopped trying so hard to please everyone that I became more successful, reaching global leadership in the male-dominated insurance industry. During my leadership journey, I learned the key reasons people get promoted and it’s totally the opposite of what most people tell us.

If you’re wondering why, despite your mammoth effort and your top-performing work, you’re not getting the results or the career satisfaction you desire, PLEASE…

to learn the 5 Reasons Your Hard Work is Killing Your Promotion Prospects
(and What to Do Instead).
There is nothing fuzzy about what Helen does. There is a clear method, along with solid preparation, and an incredible knowledge on the different aspects of personal development, leadership, and management of your personal state.
You literally get to apply what you are learning from the first day.
I am quite simply walking a little taller and feeling as if I own my professional life.

- Nicky Hughes , Insurance Executive, New Zealand 
Helen comes from the corporate world. She has walked in my shoes and knows my world. She gets me. 
She also has heard all my excuses and calls me out on them. Yes, that can sometimes be uncomfortable, but one thing I have learned from working with Helen is that staying in my comfort zone isn’t how I will achieve my goals. 

- Helen Berry , Insurance Executive, London, UK 
Helen is a success coach and mentor to smart executive women. She helps them to achieve their goals, quantum-leap their confidence, to become impactful and inspiring leaders. During her 20-year international corporate experience, Helen observed and applied the many secrets of navigating - and succeeding in - complex corporate environments. She learned the secrets that few people share - even corporate mentors - because they are not fully understood. Helen created her own coaching practice to serve women in their path to leadership - achieving their goals, with soaring confidence, so they are rewarded and recognised for their efforts.
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